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Activities Provided


The 3 O' Clock Spot have all types of games for the whole family.  We have Virtual Reality stations, Virtual Reality Pods, PlayStation systems, Xbox systems , 9 TV's, Table Tennis, Air Hockey, Sound System, Stage, Neon Lighting, Board Games ,Lounge Areas, etc.  Furthermore, throughout the month, we have activities such as movie night, live music events, show your talent, spoken word, karaoke, painting, culture day, family days and lots more interesting activities to keep the space fun and entertaining.  Our space offers lounge areas throughout the building to kickback on a comfy sofa, bean bag, or bar area and just talk with friends.

Virtual reality offers great learning opportunities for children and adults. Our educational applications that will teach various aspects of science along with math and English.  We also have exercise and sports game, not to include our virtual reality Pod which allows you to experience riding the twist and turns of a roller coaster. Everyone loves a roller coaster and this pod delivers all the thrills and chills of the real thing.
Our space is bright, open and full of features. It's ideal for parties, sleepovers, meetings, reunions, etc

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Virtual Reality  Pods
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