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Are you ready for some Nerf war Fun? Do you have what it takes? Will you be the last one standing?  If so, come join us for some “friendly fire” at The 3 O’ Clock Spot and show us how many darts you can dodge. 

We offer different nerf war games types, that’s great for everyone…. That’s right, I said EVERYONE, because nerf isn't just for kids.  We have those who are ages 4 and up to grandparents that are ready for war.

 As long as you have the energy, we have a spot, at the Spot. 

Some of our games include Capture the Flag, Hostage, and Civil War.

Capture the Flag

Each team has a flag to defend and must capture their opponent's flag to win. The first team to capture the other team's flag wins.

Civil War

Single shot blasters are required. Both teams face each other in straight lines a good distance apart.  Starting with one team, going down the line, each player takes one shot at the other team. If a player is hit in the arm or leg, they cannot use it for the rest of the game, for any purpose.  If a player loses both their arms, they cannot fire.  If a player loses both their legs, they must move on their knees.  A player shot in the torso is out of the game.  After each team has made their shots, they advance one step forward, and the next teams goes. The team that eliminates the opposition is the winner


This is an extremely thrilling match option for those who want to take their Nerf wars to the next level.  Each team has an unarmed player as the hostage, who will be hidden at the enemy’s base.  The opposing team must successfully rescue their hostage before time runs out in order to win.  The hostage cannot move until a friendly player taps them with a hand.

All sessions are led and organized by a referee and there will be ABSOLUTELY NO:

  • aggressive play

  • taking googles off while in battle

  • shooting people in the face at close range

  • throwing down blasters

  • hitting people with blasters

  • intentionally damaging blasters

  • foul language



Each player will be required to BYOBlaster (bring your own blaster) and ammunition.  There will be a few blasters available for rent.  We also encourage marking/labeling your personal ammo and Nerf blasters to make clean up easier.


The cost is $10.00 per person. 

November 3, 2018

10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Get off the couch and get moving where your kids can learn important critical thinking skills, problem solving skills and teamwork in an organized, encouraging environment.  READY, AIM, NERF!

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