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If you are here, you are probably wondering, "What is The 3 O' Clock Spot?"  The 3 O' Clock Spot is a space designed specifically to make it possible to have a unique experience that's perfect for any event.   We’ve created the ultimate road map to a good time; the only thing missing is you.  Immerse yourself in over 200 Virtual Reality games and experiences such as Robo Recall, Richie’s Plank, The Climb, The Visitor and Don’t Let Go.  Let’s take Richie’s Plank for an example. Are you afraid of height? In this experience, you will take an elevator to our plank that is eighty floors above ground. The elevator door will open and we dare you to walk to the end.  Your pupils will dilate, your heart will race, and you are likely to scream but guess what, your instincts will take over as you discover new worlds. 

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We cater to birthday parties, graduations, banquets, reunions, baby showers, meetings, kickback, performing arts, lock-ins, end of school year parties, etc.  Give us a call to discuss your upcoming event.

You can also choose from a wide variety of kid friendly games and movies.  Some of the titles include Lucky Tales, Fairy Forest, Fun House, Toybox and Henry’s 3D stories.  Your child will experience a truly exhilarating and mind-blowing adventure.

The idea was conceived when 12 year old Jasmine Bratts was given an assignment in school to create a unique idea.  Three years later, Jasmine presented the idea to her father and the rest is history.

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